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Off-Site Costs Of Soil Erosion: A Case Study In The Willamette Valley

  title={Off-Site Costs Of Soil Erosion: A Case Study In The Willamette Valley},
  author={Walter B. Moore and Bruce A. McCarl},
  journal={Western Journal of Agricultural Economics},
  • W. B. Moore, B. McCarl
  • Published 1987
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • Western Journal of Agricultural Economics
This study attempts to provide relative magnitudes of average and marginal costs of off-site sediment-related costs in OregonÂ’s Willamette Valley. Water treatment; road, river channel, and dam maintenance; and hydroelectric generation are examined. Road maintenance and water treatment are nonnegligible average cost items. These costs should not be interpreted as justification for erosion control as marginal cost estimates for water treatment indicate the controls on the margin would yield… Expand

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