Of the Event Ipsp 2014 Industrial Problem Solving with Physics


Adige S.p.A. is a world leader company in projecting, producing and selling lasertube cutting systems. Two different systems are available, one based on fusion and the other on oxidation of the material that has to be cut. Both these techniques require the presence of a laser beam well focalised on the material and an assistance gas stream, used to eject the melted material. Until now paths for gas injection and in particular nozzles are drawn using empirical criteria, based on cutting tests. The idea of this work is to find some experimental techniques able to correlate the design of the gas path to the process performance. In addition to this, experimental measurements will be useful to validate numerical simulations of the process. The idea is trying to design and validate an experimental apparatus able to measure the pressure (or the velocity) of the gas during its path across the machine, both inside and outside the nozzle.

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