Of borders and homes: the imaginary community of (trans)sexual citizenship 1

  title={Of borders and homes: the imaginary community of (trans)sexual citizenship 1},
  author={Aren Z. Aizura},
  journal={Inter-Asia Cultural Studies},
  pages={289 - 309}
  • Aren Z. Aizura
  • Published 1 June 2006
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
Abstract This essay maps the connections between transgender/transsexual rights and nationalism in Australia. Comparing Jay Prosser’s idea of a transsexual ‘politics of home’ with the recent legalisation of transsexual marriage in Australia, it argues that marriage rights are granted by the state on the ability of particular bodies to maintain and reproduce a series of demarcated zones: between male and female, but also between ‘Australian’ and ‘un‐Australian’, ‘white’ and ‘non‐white.’ This has… 
dimensions of transnationalism
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Trans self-identification and the language of neoliberal selfhood: Agency, power, and the limits of monologic discourse
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Abstract Sociocultural linguists share with transgender communities a strong interest in the power of individuals to assert agency over linguistic patterns. For trans people, a key principle of
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