Of Mindsets and Men: Tackling Masculinity, Patriarchy, and Privilege in Delhi

  title={Of Mindsets and Men: Tackling Masculinity, Patriarchy, and Privilege in Delhi},
  author={Amanda Gilbertson},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
  pages={266 - 287}
As efforts to engage men and boys in gender justice work have proliferated across the globe, so too has evidence of the potential for this work to reinforce rather than deconstruct gender inequalities, resulting in calls to assess the assumptions that underpin this work. Although a significant amount of male-based gender justice work is based in the Global South, analytical literature on efforts to engage men and boys and on pro-feminist men has been largely confined to the Global North. This… 
“We Learn How to Become Good Men”: Working with Male Allies to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls in Urban Informal Settlements in Mumbai, India
Questions of men’s engagement are explored in this article, which is based on a pilot ethnographic study with male allies in a VAWG prevention program in the informal settlements of Dharavi in Mumbai, India and finds that while men are able to acquire “knowledge” and “awareness” through the intervention, it produces an individuating effect wherein the structural nature of VawG is obscured due to an emphasis on men”s individual traits.
Does it matter where you live? Examining the impact of gender, gender egalitarianism and city context on the work–family interface
This study asks the following research question: does “city” context interact with gender and gender egalitarianism (GE) to impact the positive (WFPOS – work–family positive spillover) and negative
Men's Movements


Changing Men: Challenging Stereotypes. Reflections on Working with Men on Gender Issues in India
This article describes the journey and lessons of a 12‐year‐long and still ongoing experience of the two authors in working with men at the community level in different parts of India. Starting with
Masculinity matters: using entertainment education to engage men in ending violence against women in India
Abstract In this article, R.W. Connell's notion of hegemonic masculinity is used to examine the role of male gender norms in perpetuating violence against women. The researchers discuss the
Masculinity and Its Challenges in India: Essays on Changing Perceptions
This volume of new interdisciplinary essays is aimed at providing some insights into the emerging field of masculinities and the challenges that it poses to the Indian male. Masculinities research
Work with men to end violence against women: a critical stocktake
  • M. Flood
  • Political Science
    Culture, health & sexuality
  • 2015
A critical assessment of efforts to involve men in the prevention of men's violence against women argues that it is in men's interests to support progress towards non-violence and gender equality, and that the best people to engage and work with men are other men.
Context, Challenges, and Tensions in Global Efforts to Engage Men in the Prevention of Violence against Women
Describing findings regarding challenges associated with men’s engagement programming are presented from in-depth interviews with twenty-nine representatives of organizations that engage men and boys in preventing violence against women and girls in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America.
Men as Allies: Mobilizing Men to End Violence Against Women
MACOMBER, KRISTINE CLAIRE. Men as Allies: Mobilizing Men to End Violence Against Women. (Under the direction of Dr. Michael Schwalbe) Sociological theorizing on social movements has identified key
Working with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-based Violence
In spite of tremendous progress toward including gender equality as a global goal—included in numerous UN conventions and the Millennium Development Goals—much progress remains to be made. Men’s
Reviewing responsibilities and renewing relationships: an intervention with men on violence against women in India
Both activists and activist influenced men scored higher on measures of gender-equitable beliefs and practices than controls, suggesting that MASVAW activism is successful.
Feminist solidarity: no boys allowed? Views of pro-feminist men on collaboration and alliance-building with women's movements
The field of men's pro-feminist organising continues to build global momentum. Boys and men are both capable, and interested, to take action to support the feminist movement. This article explores
Formations of Class & Gender: Becoming Respectable
Explanations of how identities are constructed are fundamental to contemporary debates in feminism and in cultural and social theory. Formations of Class & Gender demonstrates why class should be