Of Mimicry and White Man: A Psychoanalysis of Jean Rouch's Les Maîtres Fous

  title={Of Mimicry and White Man: A Psychoanalysis of Jean Rouch's Les Ma{\^i}tres Fous},
  author={Kien Ket Lim},
  journal={Cultural Critique},
Ecstasy, Choreography and Re-Enactment: Aesthetic and Political Dimensions of Filming States of Trance and Spirit Possession in Postwar Southern Italy
States of trance and spirit possession have inspired the modernist imagination perhaps more than anything else, as they typically exceed the limits of visual representation. This article investigatesExpand
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Abstract This paper approaches creativity from the perspective of an everyday, decolonial–postcolonial aesthetics. While creativity emphasizes human agency, improvisation and, more broadly, theExpand
The Risky Truth of Fabulation: Deleuze, Bergson and Durkheim on the becomings of religion and art
Based on a close reading of relevant works of Gilles Deleuze, and informed by Emile Durkheim and Henri Bergson's writings on religion, this paper articulates a novel concept of 'fabulation' which hasExpand
White But Not Quite: Normalizing Colonial Conquests Through Spatial Mimicry
Mimicry's role in the way social identities are constructed and deconstructed has considerably enriched our understanding of various power relations. However, as a spatial practice, mimicry hasExpand


Embodying colonial memories : spirit possession, power, and the Hauka in West Africa
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Mappings: Feminism and the Cultural Geographies of Encounter
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