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Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire

  title={Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire},
  • Voltaire
  • Published 30 November 2008
  • History
Polar Stars. Why the Political Ideologies of Modernity still Matter
Contrary to the cliche that our age is post-ideological, this book contends that political ideologies are part of  the logic itself  of modernity and continue to permeate ’hyper-modern’ politics.
The Future of Religion and Secularity in Sociology’s History
  • Efe Peker
  • Sociology
    The American Sociologist
  • 2021
Despite being foundational for the origins of modern sociology, religion as a topic of inquiry and the sociology of religion as a subdiscipline have long remained relatively marginalized in the
Du Châtelet on Sufficient Reason and Empirical Explanation
For Emilie Du Châtelet, I argue, a central role of the principle of sufficient reason is to discriminate between better and worse explanations. Her principle of sufficient reason does not play this
Incriminating Empire
This article explores the political fallout from the 1766 execution of the comte de Lally, who oversaw the failed defense of France's Indian colonies during the Seven Years' War. Accused of treason
‘Des singes, c’était le narcisse’: class, imitation and performing monkeys in late-eighteenth century Paris
Abstract This paper focuses on the use of performing monkeys in boulevard and foire theatres in late eighteenth-century Paris. I will concentrate on the issues raised by ‘Turco,’ Jean-Baptiste
Exhibitions of Manuscript Verse in the Salon du Louvre
  • Ryan Whyte
  • Art
    Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture
  • 2019
The Italian Idea
The First Global Turn: Chinese Contributions to Enlightenment World History
Abstract:This article argues that certain Enlightenment approaches to world history developed through engagement with Chinese texts. In the eighteenth century, two French savants, Michel-Ange le Roux