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Odyssey 2 : A mission toward Neptune and Triton to test General Relativity

  title={Odyssey 2 : A mission toward Neptune and Triton to test General Relativity},
  author={Benjamin Lenoir and Bruno Christophe and Agnes L'evy and Bernard Foulon and Serge Reynaud and J-M. Courty and Brahim Lamine and Hansj{\"o}rg Dittus and Tim van Zoest and Claus Lammerzahl and Hanns Selig and Sylvie L{\'e}on-Hirtz and Richard Biancale and Gilles M'etris and Frank Sohl and Peter Wohl},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
Odyssey 2 will be proposed in December 2010 for the next call of M3 missions for Cosmic Vision 2015-2025. This mission, under a Phase 0 study performed by CNES, will aim at Neptune and Triton. Two sets of objectives will be pursued. The first one is to perform a set of gravitation experiments at the Solar System scale. Experimental tests of gravitation have always shown good agreement with General Relativity. There are however drivers to continue testing General Relativity, and to do so at the… Expand
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