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Odrezovanje mehkih materialov z velikimi hitrostmi

  title={Odrezovanje mehkih materialov z velikimi hitrostmi},
  author={Franci Pu{\vs}avec and Peter Krajnik and Janez Kopac},
  • Franci Pušavec, Peter Krajnik, Janez Kopac
  • Published 2006
  • Materials Science
  • Commonly used materials like soft grey cast iron represent a serious load for cutting-tool materials during dry high-speed cutting (HSC) due to the material's unique combination of properties, such as high toughness, ductility, hard inclusions and chemical wear resistance. Although these properties are desirable design requirements, they pose a great challenge to machining due to the high temperatures and stresses generated during the cutting to ensure high surface quality, process capability… CONTINUE READING

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