Odorants elicit evoked potentials in the human amygdala.

  title={Odorants elicit evoked potentials in the human amygdala.},
  author={Julie Hudry and Philippe Ryvlin and J. P. Royet and François Maugui{\`e}re},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
  volume={11 7},
Electroencephalographical (EEG) recording studies have shown that odorants produce olfactory evoked potentials (OEPs) on the scalp surface. However, EEGs can only provide limited information about the intracerebral sources from where the OEPs are generated. By contrast, intracerebral EEG recordings enable direct examination of the electrophysiological activity from a given cerebral area. In the present study, neural activity was recorded from the amygdala of seven epileptic patients undergoing… CONTINUE READING