Odontogenic myxofibroma with HMGA2 overexpression and HMGA2 rearrangement.

  title={Odontogenic myxofibroma with HMGA2 overexpression and HMGA2 rearrangement.},
  author={Katsuaki Sato and Koichi Terai and Mamoru Ozaki and Yoshimichi Ueda and Shogo Katsuda},
  journal={Pathology international},
  volume={60 11},
Odontogenic myxofibromas are variants of odontogenic myxomas that contain considerable amounts of collagen fibers in the myxoid stroma. Cytogenetic studies of odontogenic myxomas/myxofibromas have rarely been reported. This report describes the first case of an odontogenic myxofibroma presenting with HMGA2 protein overexpression and HMGA2 rearrangement in a 40-year-old woman. A 2.7-cm tumor in the premolar region of the right mandible was curettaged. There was no evidence of recurrence or… CONTINUE READING


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