Odontogenic keratocysts--a retrospective clinical and histologic study.

  title={Odontogenic keratocysts--a retrospective clinical and histologic study.},
  author={G el-Hajj and G B Anneroth},
  journal={International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery},
  volume={25 2},
Including 25 recurrences, the material comprised 87 odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) from 57 patients, who had been treated in 1974-93. The study included an analysis of clinical and histologic data from the patients' records and from pathologic reports. The men:women ratio was 1.5:1. Most of the patients belonged to the age groups 10-19, 20-29, 40-49, and 60-69 years. Almost 75% of the OKCs were localized in the mandible. The most common site was the angle and ascending ramus area. Recurrences… CONTINUE READING

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