Odontogenic glandular cyst: a case report.

  title={Odontogenic glandular cyst: a case report.},
  author={Jefferson X. de Oliveira and Karina Cec{\'i}lia Panelli Santos and Fabio Daumas Nunes and Karen Renata Nakamura Hiraki and Marcelo Augusto Oliveira de Sales and Marcelo G. P. Cavalcanti and Marcelo Marcucci},
  journal={Journal of oral science},
  volume={51 3},
Glandular Odontogenic Cyst (GOC) is a rare developmental cyst of the jaws. The histological features of GOC strongly suggest an origin from the remains of dental lamina. Radiographically, GOC presents as well-defined radiolucencies with uni- or multilocular appearance. A case of GOC in a 54-year-old black female is presented here. Clinical, histological and imaging features were evaluated. Due to the high tendency of recurrence and the aggressive potential of GOC, careful clinical and… CONTINUE READING