Odontodysplasia : report of two cases Paul


In 1947, a problem of"arrested tooth development" was reported by McCall and Wald.1 Rushton 2 introduced the term "shell teeth" in 1954, which he used to describe the radiographic findings. The term "odontodysplasia" was introduced by Zegarelli 3 in 1963, which he defined as "a rare developmental anomaly involving both mesodermal and ectodermal dental components in a group of contiguous teeth." It is characterized by a deficiency or abnormality in the formation of dentine and enamel and involves the primary and/or permanent dentitions. ~ Odontodysplasia appears to be slightly more prevalent in females, has no racial predilection, and is seen in the maxillary dentition twice as often as in the mandibular dentition. 5-7

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