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Odonata recorded in February 2012 in Isabela and Aurora Provinces, Luzon Island and Polillo Island, Philippines

  title={Odonata recorded in February 2012 in Isabela and Aurora Provinces, Luzon Island and Polillo Island, Philippines},
  author={Reagan Joseph T. Villanueva and van M. Weerd and Hilario Cahilog},
In February 2012, Odonata were recorded and voucher specimens collected in Luzon, The Philippines. The focus of study was set on localities near Dinapigue and San Mariano (Isabela Province), sites in Casiguran (Aurora Province) and on Polillo Island (Quezon Province). 60 Odonata species were recorded. Three are new to science and have been formally to be described. Four species were recorded for the first time in Luzon. Amphicnemis furcata and Diplacodes nebulosa were rediscovered after several… 
Odonata Fauna of Riparian Habitats in Selected Areas of Luzon and Mindoro Region
Odonata is considered as potential indicator of environmental disturbances. Despite of great efforts in recording the Odonata Fauna of the Philippines in general, the Riparian habitats in
The Odonata collected in October 2019 on Patnanungan Island , Jomalig Island and Panukulan ( northeastern Polillo ) , Philippines , with a checklist of the Polillo Odonata fauna Reagan
The paper presents new odonatological data from the formerly unstudied islands Patnanungan and Jomalig as well from the northeastern part of Polillo, The Philippines. Four species are new for the
Species richness of Odonata in selected wetland areas of Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon, Philippines.
Examining the species richness of Odonata in nine wetland areas of Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro City finds that species richness in relatively undisturbed areas ranges from 17-20 species, while in urbanized and disturbed areas it ranges from 6-12 species.
Species richness of Odonata in selected freshwater systems in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.
The Odonata is important in identifying the habitat health of freshwater ecosystems. In this study, the species richness and relative abundance of Odonata were determined in 12 sampling sites in
Review of the Philippine taxa formerly assigned to the genus Amphicnemis Selys, II. Genus Sangabasis with descriptions of eight new species (Odonata: Coenagrionidae).
The Philippine genus Sangabasis Villanueva is reviewed. Eight new species are described: S. bukid sp. nov., S. bulba sp. nov., S. cahilogi sp. nov., S. carmelae sp. nov., S. feliculoi sp. nov., S.


Revision of the Platystictidae of the Philippines (Odonata), excluding the Drepanosticta halterata group, with descriptions of twenty-one new species
Thirty-one species of the family Platystictidae of the Philippines are revised, i.e. all species recognised, excluding the species of the Drepanosticta halterata-group. The following new taxa are
Two new Risiocnemis species from Northern Sierra Madre, Luzon, Philippines (Odonata: Platycnemididae)
Abstract Risiocnemis corbeti sp. nov. and R. hamaiaineni sp. nov. (for both species: holotype ♂, Dipinantahikan area [16°53′39″N, 122°20′47″E], Dipagsangaan, Palanan, Isabela, Luzon, Philippines,
Two new damselfly species from Polillo Island, Philippines (Odonata: Platystictidae)
Drepanosticta wildermuthi spec. nov. and Sulcosticta vantoli spec. nov. are described and illustrated. The two species are compared with their nearest relatives, D. moorei van Tol & Muller and S.
Dragonflies of Polillo Island, Philippines
Polillo is a small group of island (27 islands in total) east of central Luzon (Figure 1). It is made up of four main island viz. Polillo I, Patnanungan I, Jomalig I and Palasan I and several islets.
Odonata fauna of Polillo Island - revisited
Three new species of Diplacina Brauer from the Philippines (Odonata: Libellulidae)
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Forest damselflies of the Philippines, their evolution and present status, with the description of Drepanosticta moorei spec. nov
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Contribution to the taxonomy of Philippine Megapodagrionidae (Odonata: Zygoptera)
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