Odd supersymmetrization of elliptic R-matrices

  title={Odd supersymmetrization of elliptic R-matrices},
  author={Andrei Mikhailovich Levin and Mikhail Aronovich Olshanetsky and A. Zotov},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
We study a general ansatz for an odd supersymmetric version of the Kronecker elliptic function, which satisfies the genus one Fay identity. The obtained result is used for construction of the odd supersymmetric analogue for the classical and quantum elliptic R-matrices. They are shown to satisfy the classical Yang–Baxter equation and the associative Yang–Baxter equation. The quantum Yang–Baxter equation is discussed as well. It acquires additional term in the case of supersymmetric R-matrices. 
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