Odd-even crossover in a non-Abelian ν=5/2 interferometer

  title={Odd-even crossover in a non-Abelian $\nu$=5/2 interferometer},
  author={Waheb Bishara and C. Nayak},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We compute the backscattered current in a double point-contact geometry of a quantum-Hall system at filling fraction ν=5/2 as a function of bias voltage in the weak backscattering regime. We assume that the system is in the universality class of either the Pfaffian or anti-Pfaffian state. When the number of charge e/4 quasiparticles in the interferometer is odd, there is no interference pattern. However, the coupling between a charge e/4 quasiparticle and the edge causes it to be absorbed by… 

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