Oculomotor palsy treated by microvascular decompression.

  title={Oculomotor palsy treated by microvascular decompression.},
  author={Kensuke Suzuki and Ai Muroi and Yuji Kujiraoka and Shingo Takano and Akira Matsumura},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={70 2},
BACKGROUND Oculomotor palsy is well known to be due to diabetes mellitus, or aneurysmal compression, or cavernous sinus lesion. Only few reports presented that arterial compression was the reason for oculomotor palsy. CASE DESCRIPTION We performed a surgical treatment for a 76-year-old man with left oculomotor palsy. During surgical clipping of the left IC-PC aneurysm, it became clear that the left IC-PC aneurysm had not been compressing the third cranial nerve. The left oculomotor nerve was… CONTINUE READING
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