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Oculocutaneous albinism in a calf in Korea

  title={Oculocutaneous albinism in a calf in Korea},
  author={Kim Bumseok and Camer Gerry Amor and Chekarova Irina and Zeeshan Muhammad and Borisova Irina and Blank Ivar and Ejaz Sohail and Park Hee-jin and Kwon Jung-Kee and Lim Chae-Wong},
Albinism, characterized by absence or lack of pigmentation from the hair, skin, hooves, nasal region and the eyes is rarely seen in cattle in Korea. A 15-day old calf, approximately weighing 28 kg has been conspicuously distinct from the rest of 40 herds of cattle raised in Sunchang country because of its white coat color, white muzzle and hooves and eyes with light pinkish iris. The calf was born of Korean indigenous cattle with no previously reported history of albinism since inception of the… Expand