Ocular trauma resulting from paintball injury

  title={Ocular trauma resulting from paintball injury},
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  • P. PahkR. Adelman
  • Published 1 April 2009
  • Medicine
  • Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
BackgroundPaintball-related ocular injuries result in severe damage and loss of vision. Despite efforts to increase public awareness and improve safety features, the incidence of eye injuries has increased over time. We examined the characteristics and ocular effects of paintball injury at our tertiary referral center.MethodsRetrospective review of charts of patients with paintball injury between 1998–2005.ResultsFourteen patients were evaluated for paintball injury; 13 (93%) were male and one… 

Ocular injuries sustained in paintball trauma

The retrospective nature of this study precluded the ability to ascertain if masks had been worn by patients; however, it is very unlikely that the types of eye injuries the authors' patients sustained could have occurred if masks were worn appropriately.

Opthalmological sequelae due to paintball injuries: Case studies

Traumatic glaucoma due to paintball injuries: A case series


3 cases of ocular paintball injuries with compromised visual outcome sustained in unprotected environment are reported highlighting the importance of compulsory use of American society for testing and material (ASTM) compliant eye protective devices (EPD) during paintball related activities.

Pediatric open globe injury: A review of the literature

A systematic literature search with inclusion of all case series on pediatric OGI published between 1996 and 2015 finds that the ocular trauma score, a system devised to predict final visual acuity in adults, has proven to be of prognostic value in pediatric O GI.

Management of acute eye injuries in primary care

Eye injuries are common, with trauma accounting for nearly half of all presentations to eye casualties in the UK and overseas, and emphasis on the red flag signs of serious trauma, and their initial management is placed.

Blunt eye trauma: empirical histopathologic paintball impact thresholds in fresh mounted porcine eyes.

Impaired porcine eyes suspended within clear acrylic orbits provided a robust ballistic model for isolating and quantifying the role of direct blunt force in ocular trauma and impact energies correlated with histopathologic damage.

Sports injuries affecting the eye: an overview

An overview of eye injuries caused by different sporting activities, the incidence and the type of injuries are provided, and a typical case report of a closed globe contusion is presented.

Choroidal Rupture: A Review

Virtually any form of traumatic injury to the eye can result in choroidal ruptures, including injuries occurring during karate, or caused by various sports equipment including a hockey puck, soccer ball, cricket ball, basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, baseball, or paint ball.

Sports eyewear protective standards

  • S. Dain
  • Medicine, Education
    Clinical & experimental optometry
  • 2016
The evidence on the proportion of all ocular injuries that are from sport is reviewed and the relative frequencies in different sports are compared in a qualitative manner and the sports with greater numbers of Ocular injuries are detailed.



Changing trends in paintball sport-related ocular injuries.

OBJECTIVES To describe the type and severity of ocular injuries caused by paintballs, to summarize the outcomes, to determine if the injury occurred in a commercial or noncommercial setting, to

Ocular findings following trauma from paintball sports

Increased awareness and need for proper ocular protection should be emphasized by ophthalmologists and high incidence of chorioretinitis sclopetaria from paintball contusion should be recognized.

Ocular injuries from paintball pellets.

Complications of ocular paintball injuries in children.

Ocular injuries resulting from paintball impact are often severe and usually occur when the participants are not wearing eye protection or this protection becomes dislodged, and treatment is sometimes limited to an attempt to salvage what remains of useful vision.

Eye injuries associated with paintball guns

It is recommended that an anti-fog face mask with a one-piece polycarbonate eye shield be worn by those participating in paintball games, as a variety of injuries occur after a paintball hit to the eye.

Ocular Trauma From Paintball-Pellet War Games

Paintball pellet ocular injuries occur more frequently at home than at war game facilities, and advanced surgical techniques offer decreased ocular morbidity and improved visual acuity.

Circumstance and outcome of ocular paintball injuries.

Increasing paintball related eye trauma reported to a state eye injury registry

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Severe ocular trauma results from impacts from paintball pellets, and the occurrence of injuries appears to be increasing due to growth in popularity of this war game.

Paintball ocular injuries.

  • L. KrugerJ. Acton
  • Medicine
    South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde
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Six cases of ocular injury following paintball injuries sustained during war games are described, highlighting the severe ocular injuries that may occur from Paintball injuries.

Ocular paintball injuries

  • M. Fineman
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Paintball sport-related ocular injuries represent an increasing problem as the popularity of the sport increases and the number of participants grows and paintball industry standards for eye protection should be implemented for all participants.