Ocular lesions arising after stings by hymenopteran insects.

  title={Ocular lesions arising after stings by hymenopteran insects.},
  author={Enyr Saran Arcieri and Edimar Tiago França and Hailton Barreiros de Oliveria and Lizane De Abreu Ferreira and Magno Ant{\^o}nio Ferreira and Fl{\'a}vio Jaime Rocha},
  volume={21 3},
PURPOSE To describe the ocular lesions that occur after stings from hymenopteran insects. METHODS We examined the ocular alterations in five patients who suffered ocular trauma from hymenopteran insect stings. RESULTS In 4 cases where the insect was identified as a wasp, all the patients presented with persistent corneal decompensation and two presented with total cataract, requiring surgical treatment. In the case of trauma by a bee sting, the patient presented with corneal edema and an… CONTINUE READING


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