Ocular injury with high-pressure paint: a case report.


Chemical injury to the eye is an ophthalmic emergency that can be caused by a work-related accident or common household products. Uradil SZ261 G3Z-65 is a resin containing butyl gycol (2-butoxyethanol) and ethyl ethanol amine (2-dimethyaminoethanol). It is used in stoving enamels for interior and exterior use. The authors report a case of ocular surface injury with a highpressure industrial spray paint-Waterborne Stoving Gentian Blue containing Uradil.

DOI: 10.3200/AEOH.64.2.135-136

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@article{Bandyopadhyay2009OcularIW, title={Ocular injury with high-pressure paint: a case report.}, author={Chitrabhanu Bandyopadhyay and Arjit Mitra and Rosalind Joan Harrison}, journal={Archives of environmental & occupational health}, year={2009}, volume={64 2}, pages={135-6} }