Ocular drug delivery using 20-kHz ultrasound.

  title={Ocular drug delivery using 20-kHz ultrasound.},
  author={Vesna Zderic and Shahram Vaezy and Roy W. Martin and John I Clark},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={28 6},
The cornea is a major pathway for drug delivery to diseased eye structures. We have investigated the application of 1-s bursts of 20-kHz ultrasound, at I(SAPA) of 14 W/cm(2) (I(SATA) of 2 W/cm(2)), for enhancement of corneal permeability to glaucoma drugs of different lipophilicity (atenolol, carteolol, timolol and betaxolol). The permeability of rabbit cornea increased by 2.6 times for atenolol, 2.8 for carteolol, 1.9 for timolol and 4.4 times for betaxolol (all p-values < 0.05), after 60 min… CONTINUE READING

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