Ocular and cerebral involvement in familial lymphohistiocytosis.


A 5-month-old infant girl died of familial lymphohistiocytosis. The central nervous system showed widespread perivascular infiltration of the cerebral pia and arachnoid, the cerebral white matter and deep gray matter, the cerebellum, and brain stem by lymphocytes, benign appearing histiocytes, and macrophages with erythro-and lymphophagocytosis. The eyes… (More)


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@article{Appen1976OcularAC, title={Ocular and cerebral involvement in familial lymphohistiocytosis.}, author={Richard E Appen and Stefanie Weber and Guillermo de Venecia and G. Rhein}, journal={American journal of ophthalmology}, year={1976}, volume={82 5}, pages={758-66} }