Ocular Tracking of Rapidly Moving Visual Targets by Stomatopod Crustaceans

  title={Ocular Tracking of Rapidly Moving Visual Targets by Stomatopod Crustaceans},
  author={Thomas W. Cronin and JAYGOPAL N. NAIR and ROBERT D. DOYLEf and Roy L. Caldwell},
1. Ocular tracking in two species of stomatopod crustaceans, Squilla empusa (Say) and Gonodactylus oerstedii (Hansen), was studied by presenting animals with small targets moving to their right and left. 2. Squilla empusa showed no indication of ocular movement responses synchronized with the target's motion, whereas Gonodactylus oerstedii often tracked the target through large angular amplitudes. 3. The region of visual fixation in G. oerstedii is probably the ommatidial patches in line with… CONTINUE READING
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