Octopamine-like immunoreactive neurones in locust genital abdominal ganglia

  title={Octopamine-like immunoreactive neurones in locust genital abdominal ganglia},
  author={Paul A Stevenson and H G Pfl{\"u}ger and Manfred Eckert and J{\"u}rgen Rapus},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Using a well characterized anti-serum, the distribution of octopamine-like immunoreactive neurones is described in the locust seventh abdominal (A7) and terminal ganglia (TG), which are associated with genital organs. Apart from 4 paired ventral somata occasionally observed in the TG, all labelled cells could be identified as efferent dorsal- and ventral unpaired median (DUM/VUM) neurones by virtue of the characteristic large size and position of their somata, projections of their primary… CONTINUE READING