Octenidine in root canal and dentine disinfection ex vivo.

  title={Octenidine in root canal and dentine disinfection ex vivo.},
  author={L Tandjung and Tuomas M T Waltimo and I. Hauser and P Heide and E M Decker and Roland Weiger},
  journal={International endodontic journal},
  volume={40 11},
AIM The aim of the present study was to investigate the antimicrobial activity of octenidine on Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 in a dentine block model. METHODOLOGY Fifty-six root segments of extracted human teeth were infected with E. faecalis for 4 weeks. Octenidine-phenoxyethanol gel (1 : 1) was applied for different timing: 1 min, 10 min, 7 days and in a different formula (1 : 3) for 10 min. Three samples were chosen for the group with placebo gel and for the group without infection… CONTINUE READING

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