Octamer-dimer transitions of mitochondrial creatine kinase in heart disease.

  title={Octamer-dimer transitions of mitochondrial creatine kinase in heart disease.},
  author={Sibylle Soboll and Dieter Brdiczka and D{\"o}rte Jahnke and Annette Schmidt and Uwe Schlattner and Silke Wendt and Markus Wyss and Theo Wallimann},
  journal={Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology},
  volume={31 4},
Mitochondrial creatine kinase (Mi-CK) occurs in dimeric and octameric forms, both in vitro and in vivo. The Mi-CK octamer, however, is the predominant form in vivo and is important for various functions of the protein. In the present study we show for the first time a significant decrease of the octamer/dimer ratio in vivo, related to ischemia-induced damage, and a similar decrease of octamer stability in vitro, induced by peroxynitrite (PN) radicals. We used animal models to induce ischemia in… CONTINUE READING