Octamer-binding transcription factors: genomics and functions.

  title={Octamer-binding transcription factors: genomics and functions.},
  author={F Zhao},
  journal={Frontiers in bioscience},
  • F Zhao
  • Published 2013 in Frontiers in bioscience
The Octamer-binding proteins (Oct) are a group of highly conserved transcription factors that specifically bind to the octamer motif (ATGCAAAT) and closely related sequences in promoters and enhancers of a wide variety of genes. Oct factors belong to the larger family of POU domain factors that are characterized by the presence of an amino-terminal specific subdomain (POUS) and a carboxyl-terminal homeo-subdomain (POUH). Eleven Oct proteins have been named (Oct1-11), and currently, eight genes… CONTINUE READING
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