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Ochikobore Seishun Shōsetsu: The Portrayal of Teenage Rebellion in Japanese Adolescent Literature

  title={Ochikobore Seishun Shōsetsu: The Portrayal of Teenage Rebellion in Japanese Adolescent Literature},
  author={Marie Seong-Hak Kim},
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Girls Just Want To Have Fun: The Portrayal of Girls’ Rebellion in Mobile Phone Novels
  • M. Kim
  • Environmental Science
  • 2017
As host of the 2010 Nagoya Biodiversity Summit, Japan reaffi rmed its eff orts to conserve biodiversity for future generations. Rebuilding relationships with nature and strengthening conservation


Sekai ga Doyō no Yoru no Yume nara :Yankī to Seishinbunseki 世界が土曜の夜の夢なら
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三井貴之 and Washida Koyata 鷲田小彌太
  • Yoshimoto Banana Shinwa
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Shinagwa Burogu‖ 品川ブログ[Shinagwa Blog
  • Accessed October
  • 2013
Jibunshi nyūmon 自分史入門 [Introduction to History of Self
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Meiji Taishō Shōwa Furyō Shōjoden: Bakuren On‟na to Shōjo Gyangu
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