• Chemistry, Medicine
  • Published 2010

Ocena spożycia witamin i składników mineralnych z suplementami diety przez kobiety w ciąży

  title={Ocena spożycia witamin i składnik{\'o}w mineralnych z suplementami diety przez kobiety w ciąży},
  author={Jadwiga Hamułka and Agata Wawrzyniak and Renata Pawłowska},
SUMMARY The aim of the work was to assess the application of diet supplements in pregnant women, as well as the intake of vitamins and minerals with pharmaceuticals. Sixty women in age 19 - 40 years coming from the Mazowsze district were examined. The information about applying supplements was obtained using questionnaire method. The intake of vitamin and mineral supplements before and during pregnancy was declared on the level of 55% and 98.3% respectively. The average intake of vitamin D (157… CONTINUE READING