Oceanic gateways as a critical factor to initiate icehouse Earth

  title={Oceanic gateways as a critical factor to initiate icehouse Earth},
  author={A. Smith and K. T. Pickering},
  journal={Journal of the Geological Society},
  pages={337 - 340}
  • A. Smith, K. T. Pickering
  • Published 2003
  • Geography, Geology
  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • We propose a unifying explanation for the four major icehouses during the past c.620 million years: earliest Oligocene to Present; early Carboniferous to early Permian; late Ordovician and late Vendian (the ‘snowball Earth’) all of which appear to have been initiated as a result of two plate-tectonic processes. The first moved some continents into polar latitudes; while there the second process opened and closed oceanic low latitude gateways that changed global oceanic circulation from one with… CONTINUE READING
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