Ocean Wave Energy-Driven Desalination Systems for Off-grid Coastal Communities in Developing Countries

  title={Ocean Wave Energy-Driven Desalination Systems for Off-grid Coastal Communities in Developing Countries},
  author={E. Ramudu},
  journal={2011 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference},
  • E. Ramudu
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
  • 2011 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (RME) is based in Boston, MA and is developing ocean wave energy converters (WECs) to benefit remote off-grid communities in developing nations. Our two WEC technologies are based on the heaving and surging motion of a buoy on the ocean surface (the 3-D WEC) and on a bottom-mounted hinged paddle that oscillates in the full water column (the Surge WEC). Our computer models and wave tank tests have revealed conversion efficiencies as high as 31% in random sea states… Expand
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Ocean Wave Energy
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Water resources sector strategy: strategic directions for World Bank engagement
  • Washington, D.C., 2004.
  • 2004
The linear surge WEC
  • unpublished.