Ocean Acidification Accelerates Reef Bioerosion

  title={Ocean Acidification Accelerates Reef Bioerosion},
  author={Max Wisshak and Christine Hanna Lydia Sch{\"o}nberg and Armin U. Form and Andr{\'e} Freiwald},
  booktitle={PloS one},
In the recent discussion how biotic systems may react to ocean acidification caused by the rapid rise in carbon dioxide partial pressure (pCO(2)) in the marine realm, substantial research is devoted to calcifiers such as stony corals. The antagonistic process - biologically induced carbonate dissolution via bioerosion - has largely been neglected. Unlike skeletal growth, we expect bioerosion by chemical means to be facilitated in a high-CO(2) world. This study focuses on one of the most… CONTINUE READING
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