Occurrence of polyploidy in the fishes

  title={Occurrence of polyploidy in the fishes},
  author={R. Leggatt and G. Iwama},
  journal={Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries},
  • R. Leggatt, G. Iwama
  • Published 2005
  • Biology
  • Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
  • Polyploidy, the multiplication of entire setsof chromosomes beyond the normal set of two,has occurred extensively, independently, and isoften repeated in many groups of fish, from thesharks to the higher teleosts. While there areseveral ways that a polyploid fish can develop,environmental change and hybrid stabilizationmay play a large role in the initiation of anew polyploid species. Despite its prevalence,the importance of polyploidy in the evolutionof the fishes is unclear. Polyploidy is… CONTINUE READING

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