Occurrence of mono- or disaccharides and polysaccharide reserves in mature pollen grains

  title={Occurrence of mono- or disaccharides and polysaccharide reserves in mature pollen grains},
  author={Anna Speranza and Gian Lorenzo Calzoni and Ettore Pacini},
  journal={Sexual Plant Reproduction},
 Pollen from 13 species of gymnosperms and angiosperms was studied for soluble and insoluble carbohydrates at dispersal. Starch reserves stored during pollen development give rise to carbohydrates at maturity. Combinations of different types of carbohydrates in mature pollen may depend on the extent of starch hydrolysis. An inverse relationship was found between the extent of starch hydrolysis and sucrose content. If the starch was scarcely de-polymerized, the cytoplasm had very low levels of… CONTINUE READING
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