Occurrence of gingivitis in suburban Chicago school children.

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An Investigation of the Oral Health Status of a Group of Libyan Children with Congenital Heart Disease at Benghazi Children Hospital

There has been more untreated caries and pronounced gingival inflammation of various degrees due to lack of proper dental care that prompts the importance of eliminating the sources of infection from the oral cavity.

A colorimetrical study on the gingival color of infants by an application of color film.

In children periodontal disease presents itself as symptoms of systemic disease, but very seldom does it develop, as in adults, into cases that accompany serious damage to the alveolar bone. Most

Gingival Health and Oral Hygiene Practices of Schoolchildren in Chennai City

This study reports a high prevalence of bleeding, especially among older children in permanent dentition group, and gingivitis and periodontitis are diagnosed early and addressed at that stage, it minimizes the chance of tooth loss.

Influence of sex hormones on the periodontium.

Despite profound research linking periodontal condition with sex hormones kinetics, more definitive molecular mechanisms and therapy still remain to be determined.

Periodontal Status and Treatment Needs Among 12 Years Old School Children in Baghdad

There is a need for immediate implementation of oral hygiene and prophylaxis program for prevention of gingival disease to achieve the ultimate goal which is the preservation of intact dentition for life.

Socio-demographic determinants as predictors of oral hygiene status and gingivitis in schoolchildren aged 7-12 years old: A cross-sectional study

The periodontal health status is poorer in students attending suburban schools compared to those in urban schools in Hamadan and considering them in schools’ oral health program design might be useful.

Periodontal disease in children and adolescents of Latin America.

A more precise assessment of the distribution and severity of periodontal disease in children and adolescents of Latin America may help policy makers and dentists to institute more effective public health measures to prevent and treat the disease at an early age to avoid major damage to the permanent dentition.

Endocrinology of sex steroid hormones and cell dynamics in the periodontium.

This review provides a broad overview of steroid hormone physiology, evidence for the periodontium being a target tissue for sex steroid hormones and theories regarding the roles of sex steroid hormone in periodontal pathogenesis.

Evaluation of partial-mouth recording systems of gingival parameters in a Portuguese adult population.

The Q1+Q3 combination could be particularly applicable in studies investigating relationships between the state of gingival health and environmental or patient-related systemic factors, as well as in the development of oral health scales that include gingingival parameters.


Studies on the Incidence and Cause of Dental Defects in Children

It is necessary briefly to report that the contention that the prevention or arrest of gingivitis and caries is attained through adequate vitamin C intake is failed to substantiate.