Occurrence of butyltin compounds in marine environment of Gwangyang Bay, Korea

  title={Occurrence of butyltin compounds in marine environment of Gwangyang Bay, Korea},
  author={Hee-Gu Park and Sang-Soo Kim and Hyo-Bang Moon and Bonil Gu},
  journal={Journal of Environmental Sciences-china},
Butyltin (BT) compounds were measured in seawater, sediment, sediment core, settling solids, and plankton from Gwangyang Bay in 2001, Tributyltin (TBT) was detected in seawater from 1 out of the 7 seawater sampling sites and in sediment from 18 out of the 35 sediment sampling sites. The highest concentration of TBT was found in the sediment from the site near Yeosu Harbor (53 ng Sn/g dry wt), acting as the point source for TBT The mean concentrations of TBT were in the order of plankton… 
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Status and trend of butyltin contamination in Masan Bay, Korea

  • N. KimS. Ha W. Shim
  • Environmental Science
    Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences
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The current status and historical trend of butyltin contamination in Masan Bay was evaluated using water, sewage effluents, surface sediments and sediment cores. Samples were taken during 2004–2005,

Contamination of Butyltin Compounds in Sediments inside Jeju Harbor of Jeju Island

Contamination of butyltin compounds (BTs), namely tributyltin (TBT), dibutyltin (DBT) and monobutyltin (MBT), was evaluated in sediments collected inside Jeju Harbor in 2001. The concentrations of

Spatial and temporal distribution of tributyltin (TBT) in seawater, sediments and bivalves from coastal areas of Korea during 2001–2005

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Distribution and Specific Bioaccumulation of Butyltin Compounds in a Marine Ecosystem

The results suggest that certain organisms in the food chain may have a less capacity to degrade TBT, and therefore may accumulate BTs at elevated levels, and suggest slow degradation rate of these compounds in sediments.

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Abstract Total tin and tributyltin (TBT) were measured in sediment cores collected from the Tamaki Estuary in Auckland. New Zealand. The total tin concentration ranged up to 6.2 μg g−1 and the TBT