Occurrence of aflatoxin B1 in natural products

  title={Occurrence of aflatoxin B1 in natural products},
  author={Guilherme Bevilacqua Prado and Aline F. Alto{\'e} and Tatiana C. B. Gomes and Alexandre dos Santos Leal and Vanessa A. D. Morais and Marize Silva de Oliveira and Marli B. Ferreira and Mateus David Beserra Gomes and Fabiano Narciso Paschoal and Rafael von S. Souza and Daniela Amaral Silva and Jovita Eug{\^e}nia Gazzinelli Cruz Madeira},
  booktitle={Brazilian journal of microbiology : [publication of the Brazilian Society for Microbiology]},
The media claims for the consumption of natural resource-based food have gradually increased in both developing and developed countries. The interest in the safety of these products is partially due to the possible presence of toxigenic fungi acting as mycotoxin producers, such as aflatoxins produced during the secondary metabolism of Aspergillus flavus, A. parasiticus and A. nomius. Aflatoxins, mainly aflatoxin B1, are directly associated with liver cancer in human beings. This paper is aimed… CONTINUE READING