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Occurrence of "Milk Spot" due to Scaris Suum on Liver of Pigs Slaughtered at Zuru, Nigeria

  title={Occurrence of "Milk Spot" due to Scaris Suum on Liver of Pigs Slaughtered at Zuru, Nigeria},
  author={Musbau Olayinka Alayande and Abubakar Danmaigoro},
  journal={Journal of Veterinary Advances},
During the period of March 2010 and February 2011 inclusive, 105 pigs grouped as adults and youngs at various designated centers in Zuru, Nigeria, were examined during routine meat inspection at the slaughtered slabs for “milk spots” on the liver. The examination of the intestines for adult worms of Ascaris suum was similarly carried out to correlate the findings on the liver. Sixty-three (60%) of the pigs examined had milk spots. The infection by ages and sex were statistically insignificant… 
Ascaris suum in pigs of the Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Veterinarians and producers should be warned about the inefficiency of the deworming protocols that are used, and the need to develop and/or review control strategies for this parasite in production systems.


Effect of ascariasis and respiratory diseases on growth rates in swine.
Hogs with both anteroventral pneumonia and severe atrophic rhinitis had a 17.6% lower ADG than hogs with neither disease, and there is much greater potential for improvement in ADG through control of respiratory diseases thanThrough control of ascariasis.
Helminths of the pig on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria: relative prevalence, abundance and economic significance.
  • J. Fabiyi
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Post-mortem worm recovery indicated that 15 species of helminths were present in pigs born and raised on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria, and it is possible that pigs may play some role in the local epizootiology of C. granulosus.
Appraisal Of Indigenous Pig Procution And Management Practices In Rivers State, Nigeria
The study was conducted to obtained baseline data on pig production and management practices in Rivers State. The study used structural questionnaire administered to 300 household pig farmers,
The evaluation of potential global morbidity attributable to intestinal nematode infections.
The estimates presented here indicate that several tens of millions of children are likely to suffer developmental consequences from infection, and suggest that the global disease burden of geohelminthiasis may be significantly greater than was supposed.
How much human helminthiasis is there in the world?
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This article has sought to place Stoll's evaluation of human helminthiasis in a contemporary setting and to address some of the questions he asked and to review aspects of current progress in the control ofhuman helminthsiasis.
Three common presentations of ascariasis infection in an urban Emergency Department.
A retrospective case review conducted on all patients diagnosed with Ascariasis using ICD-9 codes over a 6-year period at Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Medical Center found single-dose medications given in the ED are very effective in eradicating A. lumbricoides infection, thus avoiding hospitalization.