Occupy Liberalism!: Or Ten Reasons Why Liberalism Cannot Be Retrieved for Radicalism (And Why They're All Wrong)

  title={Occupy Liberalism!: Or Ten Reasons Why Liberalism Cannot Be Retrieved for Radicalism (And Why They're All Wrong)},
  author={Charles Wright Mills},
  journal={Radical Philosophy Review},
  • C. Mills
  • Published 1 October 2012
  • Sociology
  • Radical Philosophy Review
The “Occupy Wall Street!” movement has stimulated a long listing of other candidates for radical “occupation.” In this paper, I suggest the occupation of liberalism itself. I argue for a constructive engagement of radicals with liberalism in order to retrieve it for a radical egalitarian agenda. My premise is that the foundational values of liberalism have a radical potential that has not historically been realized, given the way the dominant varieties of liberalism have developed. Ten reasons… Expand
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