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Occupy! : scenes from occupied America

  title={Occupy! : scenes from occupied America},
  author={Astra Taylor and Keith Gessen},
In the fall of 2011, a small protest camp in downtown Manhattan exploded into a global uprising, sparked in part by the violent overreactions of the police. An unofficial record of this movement, Occupy! combines adrenalin-fueled first-hand accounts of the early days and weeks of Occupy Wall Street with contentious debates and thoughtful reflections, featuring the editors and writers of the celebrated n+1, as well as some of the world's leading radical thinkers, such as Slavoj Zizek, Angela… 
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The appearance of Occupy in the winter of 2011 in city after city around the world demonstrated the rise of discontent in a world of globalized capital, consumerism and wealth accumulation by - as
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ABSTRACT Between September and November 2011, the Occupy Wall Street protest encampment in New York captured the public imagination worldwide and generated similar events in hundreds of urban spaces.
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  • M. Kohn
  • History, Political Science
    Perspectives on Politics
  • 2013
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I argue that 2011 witnessed a series of challenges to neoliberalism on a global scale perhaps not seen since the political upheavals of 1968, and that media spectacle provided the form of a series of
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