Occupational therapy and Colles' fractures

  title={Occupational therapy and Colles' fractures},
  author={Ole Maagaard Christensen and A. Kunov and Freya Hansen and Thorbjorn Christiansen and Michael Krasheninnikoff},
  journal={International Orthopaedics},
In this randomized trial, we enrolled 30 patients treated for a distal radius Colles' type fracture. The fractures were reduced if necessary and fixed in a below-elbow plaster cast for 5 weeks. One group consisting of 14 patients received instructions for shoulder; elbow and finger exercise and the other group consisting of 16 patients had occupational therapy. At 5 weeks, 3 and 9 months we measured the functional scores. There were no statistically significant differences between the groups at… CONTINUE READING


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