Occupational risk factors for sarcoidosis in African-American siblings.

  title={Occupational risk factors for sarcoidosis in African-American siblings.},
  author={Gena P Kucera and Benjamin A Rybicki and Kandace L Kirkey and Steven W. Coon and Marcie L Major and Mary J Maliarik and Michael C. Iannuzzi},
  volume={123 5},
OBJECTIVES To determine whether certain occupations and occupationally related exposures were associated with a history of sarcoidosis in African-American siblings. METHODS We collected occupational data from 921 African Americans in 273 sibships that had been identified through a sarcoidosis case. Among the 648 siblings of sarcoidosis index cases enrolled, 30 (4.6%) also had a history of sarcoidosis. A detailed job history was obtained for any job held for > or = 6 months throughout the… CONTINUE READING

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