Occupational respiratory allergy in peach crop workers.

  title={Occupational respiratory allergy in peach crop workers.},
  author={Remedios P{\'e}rez-Calder{\'o}n and M {\'A} Gonzalo-Garijo and F J Rodr{\'i}guez-Velasco and Silvia S{\'a}nchez-Vega and Borja Bartolom{\'e}-Zavala},
  volume={72 10},
BACKGROUND Occupational respiratory diseases in workers of peach tree crops have been reported punctually and have been associated with sensitization to proteins present in both pollen and leaf tree. We report the study of 37 workers with respiratory symptoms related to occupational exposure to peach trees. METHODS Prick tests and specific IgE determinations were performed with extracts from leaves and branches of peach tree. Immunodetection in leaf extract was realized by sodium dodecyl… CONTINUE READING