Occupational opiate contact dermatitis.

  title={Occupational opiate contact dermatitis.},
  author={Sophie Colomb and Jean L Bourrain and Nathalie Bonardel and Anca Mirela Chiriac and Pascal Demoly},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={76 4},
Two female laboratory workers aged 38 and 58 years were employed for 18 and 7 months, respectively, in a pharmaceutical company that manufactures several opiates. Both handled morphine and codeine. The first one also worked with dihydrocodeine, and the second one with naltrexone. Both developed papulovesicular contact dermatitis with an airborne pattern. Patch tests were performed according to ICDRG criteria (2), with the products from the plant at different concentrations (0.01–5% or 10%) in… CONTINUE READING