Occupational noise exposure during pregnancy: a case control study.

  title={Occupational noise exposure during pregnancy: a case control study.},
  author={Anna-Lrisa Hartikainen-Sorri and Martti Sorri and Hannu Anttonen and Risto Tuimala and Esa L{\"a}{\"a}r{\"a}},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={60 4},
The possible effects of occupational noise on human pregnancy were examined in a case-control study. The case groups consisted of 284 women with premature deliveries and of 299 women with full-term, low birth weight infants (below the 25th centile), each case having a matched pair. The whole material, all cases and controls included, comprised 1166 women. The percentage of employment in the whole material was 77.8; there were no differences between the case women and their controls. Rather few… CONTINUE READING

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