Occupational noise exposure and ischaemic heart disease mortality.

  title={Occupational noise exposure and ischaemic heart disease mortality.},
  author={Roseanne McNamee and G. Burgess and W Martin Dippnall and Nicola Cherry},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={63 12},
AIMS To investigate the hypothesis that long term exposure to excessive noise can increase the risk of ischaemic heart disease. METHODS A case-control design, nested within a cohort of nuclear power workers employed at two sites in England over the period 1950-98, was used. Cases were men who died from ischaemic heart disease (ICD-9: 410-414) aged 75 or under; each was matched to a surviving control of the nearest age who joined the same site at the same time. Personal noise exposure was… CONTINUE READING


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