Occupational exposures to carcinogens in Italy: an update of CAREX database.

  title={Occupational exposures to carcinogens in Italy: an update of CAREX database.},
  author={Dario Mirabelli and Timo M. Kauppinen},
  journal={International journal of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={11 1},
To update estimates of the prevalence of occupational exposures to carcinogens in Italy, the 85 CAREX agents were re-assessed. The original exposure estimates in the CAREX database were updated, taking into account changes in exposure patterns and in numbers of employees by industrial class. The 21.8 million employees in Italy, 19.4 in industry and services, 2.4 in agriculture, had 4.2 million exposures. Prevalences of exposures were highest for environmental (passive) tobacco smoke (800,000… CONTINUE READING
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