Occupational exposure to chemicals and risk of thyroid cancer in Sweden.

  title={Occupational exposure to chemicals and risk of thyroid cancer in Sweden.},
  author={Virginia Lope and Beatriz P{\'e}rez-G{\'o}mez and Nuria Aragon{\'e}s and Gonzalo L{\'o}pez-Abente and Per Gustavsson and Nils Plato and Agust{\'i}n Silva-Mato and Marina Poll{\'a}n},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={82 2},
PURPOSE To explore thyroid cancer (TC) risk in the Swedish population, associated with occupational exposure to certain chemicals. METHODS National cancer and death registries were used to follow-up (1971-1989) all Swedish workers employed in the 1970 census. Each combination of occupation and industry was linked to a Swedish job-exposure matrix (JEM), with exposure to 13 chemicals classified as "possible exposure", "probable exposure" or "unexposed". Relative risks were obtained using… CONTINUE READING

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