Occupational exposure to biological fluids among a cohort of Brazilian dentists.

  title={Occupational exposure to biological fluids among a cohort of Brazilian dentists.},
  author={Wanessa Teixeira Bell{\'i}ssimo-Rodrigues and Fernando Bell{\'i}ssimo-Rodrigues and Alcyone Artioli Machado},
  journal={International dental journal},
  volume={56 6},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the epidemiology of percutaneous occupational exposure to biologic fluids and the level of compliance with some recommendations contained in the 'Standard Precautions' among dentists. SETTING Sertãozinho city, Brazil. PARTICIPANTS All dentists who were currently working in public or private offices in the study city, and who agreed to participate, resulting in a study population of 135 dentists. METHODS All participants were personally interviewed from August 2001 to… CONTINUE READING
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